Welcome to PKF Portugal

We are an organization with the capacity to provide professional services tailored to your needs, establishing a relationship of trust in a professional, complete and transparent manner.

Right size

We are an organization large enough to provide diversified and complex services, but small enough to provide them in a personalized way and adjusted to the reality of our customers.

Right people

Our employees are carefully selected and continuously trained, taking into account not only their technical competence in their areas of expertise, but also their customer service skills.

Right solution

Our customers know that to have the right answers, it is not enough to have technical competence. We analyze the issues from the perspective of our clients' business, providing relevant and balanced advice, alerting them to the risks and benefits of a particular strategy, approach or procedure, as applicable.

Why choose PKF Portugal?

1. We are an international network that combines global experience with local knowledge

2. We have a flexible approach that responds to the specific needs of our Clients

3. We use multidisciplinary teams that work together with the elements of the Client


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