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What We Do

With over three decades of experience, PKF seeks to offer a complete management solution and a "one stop shop" approach as a provider of specialized financial consultancy services for Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde.

Informed risk management is a competitive advantage. Managing risk effectively can allow organizations to maximize their potential, and create value for all their stakeholders.

PKF acts as an objective, impartial expert who seeks to provide quantitatively backed advice to address the interests of management, shareholders, creditors, investors or other interested parties.

We believe that each company's situation is unique and that taking decisive action can maximize value, build stronger and more innovative businesses that are better positioned for sustainable growth.

Our set of distinct capabilities allows us to help clients quickly stabilize operations while implementing longer-term financial and operational transformation. Depending on the situation, PKF can provide a team of experts in mergers & acquisitions, support the preparation and presentation of new projects, company reorganization or restructuring, company and business valuation, and forensic investigation, all with the aim of supporting in the resolution of critical situations in your business, to stabilize operations.

In some cases, our clients are also advised to seek a judicial restructuring of their obligations – in which case we provide comprehensive support, supported by external lawyers.

  • In companies whose performance is impaired, or even in a difficult economic situation, our team works with creditors, shareholders and managers, with the objective of supporting the various stakeholders in these processes.
  • Our services include the preparation of independent reports of the company's situation - Independent Business Reviews (IBR) - advice on restructuring plans or Special Revitalization Processes (PER), elabotação of Contingency plans, acting as Chief Restructuring Officer  (CRO)  or Liquidity and Treasury Management

  • Asset Valuation Report
  • Development and implementation of management planning and control tools
  • Preparation of Business Plans and Feasibility Analysis

  • Our services include in-depth, critical analysis to support the decision-making process. The Due Diligence reportintegrates the components that are considered necessary, thus covering, among others, the financial, strategic, human resources and fiscal components, with the aim of providing the company with a basis for informed decision-making.

  • We advise our clients in the debt markets through our global network of Debt & Capital Advisory experts. The fact that PKF is independent aims to strengthen our credibility, and ensures alignment with the priorities of our customers.
  • We support structured financing, project finance,refinancing and debt restructuring or renegotiation.

  • Business risk management seeks to support the integration of risk management in its business and strategic processes in order to enable risk-taking, with value generation.
  • The identification and evaluation of risks, with the definition of priorities, in the field of risk, throughout the company is a critical process, not always developed.
  • PKF also supports the development of the tools, processes and organizational structures needed to design a robust and sustainable risk management program.

  • Professional services of implementation of Information Systems and Vertical Solutions of business support and Technology Consulting. Our ability to understand, transform and deliver solutions appropriate to the needs of each project, allows us to be recognized by our customers as agents of value creation in the business.

  • Our services consist of support to solve the challenges: (i) between startups and financial institutions (ii) definition of strategy and objectives; (iii) Achievement of objectives and proofs of concept, with definition of technical and legal requirements (iv) implementation of the solution and definition of next steps.


Senior team

Hugo Caetano
Associate Partner
Financial & Risk Strategic Advisory

+351 961 075 706

Hugo has over 25 years of experience in the Financial Sector.

He developed his career in different strategic areas of Retail and Corporate Banking, namely in the Commercial and Credit Risk Areas, including Models, Real Estate Risks, Impairments (IFR9) and Credit Recovery.

Throughout his career, he has participated in different projects, including: the launch of new areas in a Multinational banking environment, design and implementation of credit structures and credit-related products, in a traditional, Fintech and open banking environment.

Prior to PKF, Hugo worked at Millenniumbcp, Barclays Bank UK, Bankinter, Ebury Partners UK and Banco BNI Europa
In academic terms, Hugo has a degree in Business Management – ​​Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa; he also successfully completed the Executive MBA – INDEG / ISCTE, the Advanced Banking Management Programs at the Catholic University of Lisbon and the Advanced M&A Program at the London Business School.