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PKF companies in Portugal are members of PKF International Limited, a network of legally independent companies. PKF International Limited is not responsible for actions or omissions on the part of any other individual company or member companies. The other member companies are not responsible for actions or omissions on the part of any other individual company or member companies.

Privacy Policy

This website is made available by PKF II Portugal, Lda., Headquartered at Av. 5 de Outubro, 124 -7º, 1050-061 Lisbon (“we”, “our”, “our”) . We respect the privacy of all users who visit our website. If users do not review this privacy policy, they should leave this website immediately.

Use of information

Contacts provided to us by website users will only be used for the purpose of answering / addressing questions to PKF member companies, and will never be used for marketing purposes or provided to third parties. We will never collect personally identifiable information without your consent. Other legal information, or outside this privacy policy, will not be made available to third parties without the user's permission.


We will take all reasonable actions to prevent the misuse, alteration or destruction of the information provided to us by users.

Other information

From time to time, we may collect information about users of the website but who do not personally identify them. This type of information may include the internet browser or the operating system they are using, the domain name of the website with which they access our website. When they visit our website, we may store some information on the user's computer. This information will be in the form of a "cookie" or similar file, which can help us to optimize our website to better reach the user's preferences and interests. Most internet browsers allow the user to delete cookies or receive a warning before the cookie is installed. The user must follow the instructions of the browser or the help screen to learn more about these functions.

Third party websites

Our website includes links (links) to other websites (including Twitter and LinkedIn) that are beyond our control and not covered by this privacy policy. If the user accesses other sites using the links provided, the operators of those sites may collect information from the user that will be used by them in accordance with their data protection policies, which may differ from ours.

PKF International Limited and PKF member companies are not responsible for the content provided by third party websites that are linked to this website.